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For over three years now, it has been my great pleasure to have weekly half hour conversations in Italian with Claudia on Skype. I had started studying Italian on my own a couple of years previously to make my annual spring trips to Italy more enjoyable. When I first started with Claudia, I could barely put two Italian words together. But gradually with much patience and encouragement on Claudia’s part, I made great strides to the point where today I am not terrified to open my mouth when I visit Italy every spring and feel comfortable shopping... (Several years ago, I went to the Florence Central Market, and, pointing at some raspberries, I asked instead for lampposts! [lampone vs lampione].)  Grazie mille, Claudia.


Bruce, 68

"I have been learning Italian for over 4 years with Claudia and have loved every single moment of it! My family all speaks Italian and I have learned words and phrases here and there over the years, but never enough to hold a real conversation. With Claudia’s patience and dedication, we worked on reading, listening, writing, and speaking and I have seen a significant improvement in my Italian and now I am able to hold a conversation!"


Anna Serena, 16

"Five stars for Claudia. She has helped me improve my conversation, vocabulary and pronounciation more than any other class I've taken. Her easygoing style makes learning fun".


Marilyn, 62

"It has been a pleasure to work with Claudia for 7 years. From her I have learned to speak Italian and have fun at the same time. In the beginning when I first met her in 1st grade, she was incorporating Italian with different songs and games to teach us basic words. I have never forgotten these words because of the games and songs we played. As I got older and continued taking lessons, she increased the difficulty of what we learned without making the transition too hard. My grandmother is originally from Rome and she taught my mother how to speak while she was growing up. My sister and I both took an interest in learning how to speak with my grandmother and mother, and because of Claudia we have learned enough Italian to have conversations with them. Claudia is a very good teacher and I look forward to learning more Italian with her in the future."


Louisa, 13

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