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Italian Classes in NY, View of Amalfi Duomo

Claudia Copparoni-Berlind


Claudia was born and raised in Rome, Italy. She was attracted by foreign languages in early childhood, which led her to study English, French, German and Spanish. She has many years of experience tutoring Italians in foreign languages and as an Italian language tutor for children and adults in Germany, Italy and US.


In 2000 Claudia moved to New York City and began teaching children in the “Giochi e Parole” after school program, cosponsored by IACE (Italian American Committee on Education), as well as teaching  adult classes. In 2003 she founded “GiroMondo”, her own Italian language and dance after school program for children, and a program for adults.


Her courses are customized to the needs of the individual or the group. She believes that learning a foreign language makes smarter and more open-minded people. Claudia's background in theater ensures that her classes  are spirited and fun.

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