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Cesenatico, Italian boat creche

GiroMondo has been teaching since 2001 in Brooklyn and Manhattan. We offer customized classes at every level, from beginning to advanced level, from toddlers to adults. We primarily speak Italian in the class, helping connect to the new language sounds and meaning through play and participation.

Classes are taught in private homes, in a class friendly space, or remotely.

Children Classes

The format of our Italian language children classes is educational play. Children are exposed to Italian, allowing them to expand their knowledge and to learn quickly by play and participation. We incorporate movement, visual and tactile identification, game playing, book reading and stories, as well as modern and traditional Italian songs. Small hands-on projects are also part of our learning activities. Classes are adapted to the students’ age, level of knowledge and interest, and are always fun.

Adult Classes

Claudia develops and adapts classes according to students' language level.

Beginner courses typically cover material such as how to introduce yourself and speak about your hobbies, to ask for the time and directions, to shop for food or clothing, to express feeling or plans using the present, past and future tenses.

Emphasis is given to speaking and repetition as well as homework to encourage students to keep practicing between classes. However all our courses are customizable according to your particular needs.

Cooking classes in Italian are also available.

Italian remotely

italiano da lontano

Is connecting online more convenient for you?
Do you live too far away for a person-to-person meeting?
Are you already in Italy and those language apps you use aren't helping you make sense of what everybody is talking about?
Brush up on your Italian, solve the mysteries of street talk or learn it from scratch remotely!
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